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Why Join Alpha Gamma Rho?

We’re looking for a few good men.

Yes, we swiped that from the Marines. Of course, we don’t have boot camp, angry drill sergeants or hand to hand combat training, but there are two things we have in common: not everyone that wants in gets in, and everyone that gets in comes out a new man. When you are invited to join AGR, you know you’re in good company.

You want something extra from your college experience.

There is a lot more to college than studying and going to class, and we’re not just talking about the social life. We’re talking about the extra-curricular stuff – clubs, student organizations, sports, music, theater, philanthropies, student government, judging teams, you name it. Whatever your interest, you can probably find a club or activity on campus that’s looking for someone just like you to join in. In fact, you’ll probably discover that some of your AGR brothers have already joined. AGRs are leaders on campus, and we encourage our members to get involved.

You want to be a man who’s outstanding in your field.

Today’s global agriculture industry is more diverse and sophisticated than our founders could have ever imagined, and AGR is well positioned to prepare you for a leadership role. We provide professional development opportunities to our members during and after college, including regional career seminars for undergraduates, internships through alumni contacts, job networking, and alumni associations with “post-graduate” agricultural programming. That’s the benefit of being a member of a social and professional fraternity.

You like to eat.

Yes, my friend, we’re not talking about those cafeteria-style outfits on the other side of the row. No sir. The AGR house on campus is your home-away-from-home. So we’re talking real home cooking. Big hearty meals with all the fixins’. After all, this is an agricultural fraternity – you can bet your biscuits and gravy that we know food.

There’s more to school than partying.

I know, you think we’ve put this one here just in case your parents are reading, but it’s true. It’s called your “academic career,” and we take it pretty seriously. First of all, we have a reputation to uphold. Expect your brothers to require study hours, to help you choose good professors and to provide tutoring so we can keep the house GPA up to where it’s supposed to be – at the top of the campus rankings. Secondly, we know your academic success is a prerequisite for building a successful career, and we have a reputation of producing some pretty impressive alumni.

You’d like to give a little back.

You wouldn’t be here if someone hadn’t invested in you. And it’s likely you wouldn’t be considering an organization like Alpha Gamma Rho if you have not already reinvested some of your time and talents in others. And if you’re from a farm or ranch, well, then hard work and community service are in your blood. In AGR we believe that to become “better men” we must first learn to become better citizens and neighbors. Mentoring, campus leadership, community service activities, philanthropic projects. Our programs reflect our commitment.

After you graduate, you need all the help you can get.

It’s a competitive marketplace, even for a smart and talented guy like you. That’s why you need AGR. It’s a band of college brothers who will help you get plugged into all the right collegiate channels and a corps of seasoned pros (we call them alumni) who can help you network before you even graduate. AGR alumni are entrepreneurs, captains of industry and a virtual “Who’s Who” of the new global bio-ag industry. As an AGR brother, you’re in good company, and we have a history of helping each other succeed.


For more information:

Eric Ball

Recruitment Chair

(208)-859-5587 (call or text)

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