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“The National Fraternity is the power by virtue of which local Chapters exist; it brings to any one of them the collective strength of all the Chapters. It is the guarantee of the unity of purpose and ideas without which each Chapter would be exposed to local pressures that would ultimately make it a mere local club.

It also provides many valuable services to each Chapter – services that Chapters would find difficult or impossible to provide for themselves.

We should never forget that each of us is an integral part of the total that is called ‘national’. What we get out of it may be in direct proportion to what we put into it, not in dollars and cents, but in brotherhood and other benefits. The finest testimony to the success of Alpha Gamma Rho cannot be told; it must be demonstrated because it lies in the hearts and minds of our Brothers; men who share together the intensity of learning, friendship, leadership, and fellowship that is Alpha Gamma Rho.”

                                                                                        -Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Golden Crescent


All members of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity are encouraged to be involved in the fraternity at the chapter and national levels. Of course, it is also recommended that they become involved with their community and university.

The Alpha Gamma Rho Beta Phi Chapter recognizes 9 Executive Board Officers. Each position comes with a great deal of responsibility. Each year, new executive board officers are nominated and voted on to create each year’s team.

Here is the 2017 Alpha Gamma Rho Executive Board Officer Team, click on any member’s photo to learn more about each officer:


Noble Ruler                                                                                                             VNR Membership Development

blank facebook profileblank facebook profileCole Lickley                                                                     Dustin Winston

Jerome, Idaho                                                             Middleton, Idaho

Ag Econ-Agribusiness Emphasis       Ag Econ-Agribusiness Emphasis


VNR Recruitment                                                                                                                              VNR Operations

blank facebook profileblank facebook profileEric Ball                                                                    Ryan Kindall

Kuna, Idaho                                                        Cambridge, Idaho

Ag Econ-Agribusiness Emphasis                      Agricultural Education


VNR Scholarship                                                                                                                    VNR Alumni Relations

blank facebook profileblank facebook profileAndrew Heikkila                                                             Zach Putizer

Meridian, Idaho                                                          Meridian, Idaho

Agricultural Education                                      Agricultural Education


VNR Activities                                                                                                                                  VNR Planning

blank facebook profileblank facebook profileBret Kindall                                                                   Morgan Kerby

Cambridge, Idaho                                                    Kendrick, Idaho

Agricultural Education                                  Mechanical Engineering


VNR Finance

blank facebook profileNate Keifer

Reardan, Washington

Agricultural Education

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